How to grow your customer email list

This past few years I’ve been noticing a trend: business owners (my clients included) are getting more concerned about growing their social media while neglecting their email list. CMOs are including the numbers of followers and likes into their annual marketing goals and success benchmarks; owners are asking for numbers of shares and retweets as if they are actual sales numbers.

With social media, businesses are getting caught in a popularity game that might yield little return (unless it was executed with a conversion goal in mind). Popularity does not equate revenue, and since the boom of social media, most consumers are more private than ever about sharing their emails with companies. This means that if a customer decides to give you their email, they are pretty much saying they’d consider returning or referring a friend to your store/product!

So, while you should maintain and grow your presence on Twitter, IG, FB and a plethora of other fun apps, never neglect growing your email list and getting those emails opened. Emails are still the best way to keep in touch with your loyal fans, and it is still harder to ignore an email than to ignore a tweet.

For some Good Thinking tips on how to grow your business’ email list, check out this article from Megan Hall at NCRSilver where I shared some tried-and-true ideas to develop a robust and valuable email list:

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