Why you must take care of yourself before taking care of business

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Your computer freezes, your contacts ghost on you, your clients complain about things out of your control, you woke up feeling productive but right now, you feel overwhelmed. You feel like the day got ahead of you, and now you’re just catching up—

Stop. Stop doing. Stop solving issues. It’s ok to take a pause. It’s ok to not respond to a message or an email right away. It’s ok to not make that important call just yet. (It’s also ok to politely hang up and call back later.)

The day can get ahead of you, but it cannot get the better of you. You decide that. You decide if you will allow external circumstances and other people to take control of your day, or you will stop their influence and listen instead to your own intention and purpose.

Breathe. Deeply. Inhale the stress and all the mini frustrations of your day, then exhale peace and focus. Connect each breath to your original intention and purpose for the day.

I used to engage in a vicious cycle: I wake up feeling purposeful and energetic, but quickly get bogged down by the little annoyances throughout the day; I get more frustrated and overwhelmed as more issues crop up, until I give up, declare that “today just isn’t a good day,” and fall asleep hoping that tomorrow will be different.

Tomorrow can be better, or it can be worse. How we spend our days gives meaning to our existence as a living, conscious organism. If we continue to allow the external influences to get the better of you, we will start losing ownership of our life, our career, our dreams… What are we left with after having lost ourselves?

Your business and profession are not more important than you. They are extensions of you. They fail or prosper when you fail or prosper. Before you sit down to work, before you get ready to “take care of business,” remember to breath. Remember to check in and take care of your own inner peace and health.

When you love yourself and take care of yourself, everything you touch starts to thrive.

Love and peace,


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