5 Steps to Declutter Your 2017 Business Goals

Holidays are fun (and I hope yours were jolly) but let’s be honest: aren’t you kind of glad that it’s January 3rd and all the madness is finally over?

For a whole month (who are we kidding, right?) your life was consumed with shopping, eating, partying, and fretting about all the work you missed.

Well, no more. Thanks goodness! 2017 is here, and you can get back into the hustle with renewed energy and focus. Here are a quick 5-step plan to get you started on setting goals for the new year:

  1. Spend 30-min to recap 2016. If you’re a new business owner, spend no more than 5-10 mins on how much money you made, or how many clients you took on. Why? Because when you are establishing a new business, focusing too much on the numbers might depress you and demotivate you. Focus instead on what you learned and what you did differently, i.e. what specific changes you made in your business and the results from those changes. Then, pat yourself on the back, will you? Congrats! You did great!!

  2. Spend another 30-min on your budget. What did you spend on last year to grow your business? How did those investments turn out? If you put money into an ads campaign that turned out to be a dud, it’s probably a good idea to relocate that money elsewhere this year. If you’re still in business, congrats! You probably have a baseline now on what you need to make per year to keep running.

  3. Set only 1-3 goals for your business in 2017, or break them down into quarterly goals. Declutter your goals is essential to achieving them. Solo business owners are often overachievers. We see so many things that need work: the operation, the big picture, the vision, the brand, that we usually end up working on all of them at once and not improving any in particular! Identify which aspect of your business you need to improve NOW, and go full force on fine-tuning it.

  4. Decide on what changes must be made to accomplish those goals. Now that you have both your goal and your budget, decide how you’re going to move forward. For example: you’re a personality business, and you saw last year that your social accounts needed more followers to demand higher pay. Hire a social media manager. Get a consultant/PR specialist to connect you to influencers. Run more ads to get more exposure. Be very specific with the changes you’re making.

  5. Get started on implementing those changes. This is the part where most procrastinate. Don’t. As soon as you decide on getting a consultant, call him or her! Don’t have a consultant? Go to your contacts and ask if they can refer you one. Don’t know if you need a consultant or a firm? Read up on the topic! Do not waste your time debating if you should call now. Remember, you decided on making these changes, so make them!

It’s easy to overthink when you run a business. It’s easier still to get stuck in the planning phase and stall on the changes you need to make. It’s easier to fear what’s going to happen than to live what’s going to happen. Don’t pick the easy path. Live. Success comes to those who live.


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