3 Things You Can Do to Love Mondays Again

I used to hate Mondays, and since Monday comes right after Sunday, I felt that my Sundays were also partly ruined, which made me hate Mondays even more!
I’m sure anyone who ever had to pay rent can empathize with my anti-Monday sentiment, which was a direct consequence from working low-paying, boring jobs to foot the bills. It took me years until I realized that it wasn’t Mondays who needed changing, but me and my unsatisfying career.

If you’re sitting at a desk at your job wishing your Monday were over, then this blog post is for you. Here are some things I did to take back control of my career and put some fun back into my week (and weekend!):

  1. Review your recent projects and revamp your resume. I’d go back 2-3 years and only include the highlights: achievements you’re really proud of, or projects you truly enjoyed. Make sure you update not only your paper (or digital resume), but also your LinkedIn profile, your Twitter bio, etc. It would not hurt to consult with a career expert or HR professional if you’re thinking about a career change or a promotion.
  2. Tally up your priorities/responsibilities and the hours you put into each one. If personal health or fitness is among your top 5 priorities and the only time you sweat is when you carry grocery from your car up the stairs, then you need to re-arrange your schedule. If you want more time with friends and families but keep taking overtime work because you need the extra income, then maybe a performance review/pay raise should be in order.
  3. Have a plan for change and surround yourself with people who can help you achieve your plan. Give yourself a clear timeline with the necessary steps to change your life around, then discuss this with your family (because you’ll need their support, emotionally and possibly financially). This is the time to network, to get out there and meet others who had changed their career and could give you advice. If you have a friend or colleague who’s trying to do the same thing, form a coalition and help motivate each other!

Work should be fun. It should be a source of challenge, enrichment, and self-empowerment instead of just a source of income and pesky frustrations. Don’t let your career ruin your life. Let your life guide your career.

Happy Monday,

Angelique @itsgoodthinking

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