What you need to know as a female entrepreneur

I used to think that I was no different than a man, and in some ways I still think so. I can strategize, I can work hard, I can stay objective, I can lead. Of course I should not be treated any differently than a man.
However, I’ve discovered that being a female entrepreneur in a system built upon sexism brings about some unique challenges. Some of it has nothing to do with my product or service.

Example: I was told that I needed to wear makeup to be taken seriously in meetings. Well, I’ve found that makeup makes little difference, but carrying the right handbag DOES help!

I recently contributed to an article by Fundera Ledger (which I also included below) in celebration of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day on November 19th, and thought I should share with everyone here a few extra things I wish I knew before I got started on this journey:
  1. You need to get real comfortable saying “No” (you’ll find out why in the article).
  2. Get a nice handbag and some chic blouses, but high-heel shoes belong in the closet. Another note on style: simplify your hairdo. You won’t have time to fix it between tasks and meetings.
  3. If you’re not good with finance and taxes, get an accountant specialized in small business. It’s also a good idea to consult with an attorney.
  4. DBA is a MUST if you are serious about your business. It makes verifying your business on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. a whole lot easier. Plus, you can get a business checking account.
  5. ALWAYS make sure you have a support network. Find online groups or sites where you can find people who are doing the same things as you. You’ll need them when the going gets rough.
  6. The one expense you can never let go is your gym membership!
Hope you’ve found something useful here to help you along your journey. For more tips and inspirations, please subscribe to the blog or follow Good Thinking on IG @thatsgoodthinking or Twitter @itsgoodthinking.


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